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Today, lots of businessmen are driving their business through eCommerce as it helps them to add the bottom line profit of their business and enhanced ROI.Tap into our vast network of partners who can help transform your commerce business at any given life stage.Our partner eco system provides the lot of various solutions to your business. Our partner System provides last mile delivery platform,resource management,HCM and many more.


A Cloud based Ecommerce Package Delivery System for MERCHANTS & FULLFILLMENT COMPANIES.

Heat Map

Heat map analysis of package locations and deployed field workforce for effective field service management with targeted work order management and resource allocation

Package RTO

Return-to-origin (RTO) and Return-to-merchant (RTM) support for every shipment in reverse flow, with real time reverse shipment tracking


Cash and card management (COD) at point of sale, electronic proof of delivery as image, signature, timestamp, and geo-coordinates

Tracking of Package

Real-time last mile tracking on a map interface, which can be shared with Shipper.


Upload package details by shipper and set package status as pickup or drop.

Delivery Proof

Electronic proof of delivery is recorded for each package

Real-Time Alerts & Location Analytics

Real-time mobile field service and tracking on a map interface.Real time alerts on dashboard.

Route Optimization

Route planning and route optimization software for all models including Pick Up-Multiple Drop and Multiple Pick Up-Multiple Drop Algorithms.


From increasing your agents' productivity, to crunching through performance metrics, to working in sync with other apps that you use, get to the core of your customer service efforts.

Close tickets. Open happiness.

Field Cloud gives your team the best tools to help customers while automating frequent tasks that otherwise take up precious time.

Don't improvise. Improve.

With Field Cloud, identify the right trends and patterns in your team's efforts, make improvements, and inspire better performance.

One company. One team.

Field Cloud helps bring together employees from across departments, to give customers a truly unified customer service experience.

Convenience is key.

When your customers want to reach out, be available for them over a variety of channels—email, phone, live chat, social media and more.

Self-help is the best help.

Equip customers so they can find answers to questions on their own and help their peers in the true spirit of a community.

Your help desk, truly yours.

Field Cloud understands the uniqueness of your business, lets you customize and integrate it with other apps.




Travel Management enables you to request, plan, and Confirm Business Trips and also maintains the account of Each and Every Travel.

Employee Self Service

Employee Manages his own Profile.Each and Every Employee manages his Personal,Educational,Bank and Dependant Details etc.


Employee Manages his Loan amounts.Employee Requests for a new loan from an Company,Paybills regarding the existing loan amount and a history about his loan details.


A Complete record of Employee work by Staying ahead of the deadline is good. Billing your clients promptly and accurately tells them you're a professional.creating timesheets, sending them for approval, billing clients and paying employees.


This enables employees to record their arrival, departure, in and out and additional break in and out permissions and provides managers with detailed information about attendance records, absenteeism,Leaves etc.


Categorize the Employee's in Your Company by the Designations,Groups,Sub-Groups and Teams.The Company can Easily Identify the Employee by Categorizing his employees.