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Video Cloud APIs and Developer Tools

One platform for all your Video, Audio and Image needs.Cloud video transcoding and image manipulation for all your contents.

Get to market faster adding native media asset management and experience capabilities that scale effortlessly. Use Tundra’s fully white-labeled platform and developer tools to power all things video, audio and image, including; secure hosting and streaming, html5 video player, asset management, video editing, video search, interactive video experiences, media transcoding, image transformations, deep media analytics and more. With Tundra VPaaS, you get full control over provisioning, branding, and workflows. Stay focused on your core business by relying on the same video infrastructure that powers mission-critical applications for leading multi-national enterprises and media companies. Your developers and customers will love you for it!

The Media Services Cloud Platform

Upload,Transcode and deliver media

Online video player & video SDKs

Video Workflows & video enrichment

Video and Image transformation API

Upload Transcode and Deliver Media

Ingest data and media assets of any size or format from any source including optimized file upload SDKs for parallel-chunked upload with pause-resume and bandwidth optimizations, support for Aspera high-speed file transfer protocol, remote storage or automatic ingestion from drop-folders, or utilize CSV/XML/MRSS based bulk-upload to automate your media ingestion workflows.

Use Tundra's distributed cloud transcoding API to automate the management of all your encoding workflows. Transcode media from any input source including support for all popular video, audio and image formats and codecs as well as many proprietary codecs (such as ProRes, WebEx, GTM, and more), creating target renditions optimized for all devices and systems whether for web publishing, broadcasting, studio archival, or secure internal enterprise applications.

Use Tundra's on-the-fly video packaging to ensure optimized storage of your video assets, with reliable global delivery over any format including HLS, DASH, Progressive, encoded and DRM delivery from single-source mp4 files, without duplicating your storage costs. The Tundra platform automatically ensures the most reliable delivery and playback on any device and network globally (including support for enterprise virtualization platforms).

Online Video Player & Video SDKs

The fastest, most reliable online video player serving several billions of views and tested across thousands of devices. The Tundra Video Player simplifies live and VOD playback, and supports DRM, video monetization (optimized ad delivery, background loading, stream stitching and more), streaming and user engagement analytics, full accessibility compliance, subtitles and captions, interactivity, multi-audio tracks, casting to Google Chromecast, 360 Video and VR gear support, Progressive Web Apps, HEVC, VP9 and more. Available as a single JavaScript ES6 bundle file of ~100KB, default streaming over HLS and DASH, with a robust plugins architecture, standardized event names and modularity that enable fast time to market of new features and apps.

Reach viewers on any device over native applications; including Apple iOS, Andriod, Roku, and others. TundraNative App SDKs are used as light wrappers that enhance & simplify the native OS player as a single chromeless component and a set of template UI components that can be extended or customized natively by the app developer. Available on CocoaPods and JCenter, featuring AppleTV and AndroidTV support, streaming over HLS, DASH, support for Offline Playback, DRM, and more.

Build and deliver interactive video experiences with captions and transcriptions, multi-language subtitles and multi-track audio in an Accessibility Certified (Section 508, WCAG 2.0, CVAA) Video Player used by many universities, enterprises and media companies globally. Create advanced moderation workflows that ensure compliance before publishing, and reach your audience with accessible video capabilities including screen readers support, keyboard controls, interactive player transcript widget, speaker ID and topics and chaptering. Captioning services triggered as automatic rules (e.g. all in tags, or categories).

Video Workflows & Media Enrichment

Use templates and custom metadata profiles to automate ingestion and transcoding and distribution workflows. Automatically set transcoding profiles based on input metadata, or push transformed content packages (assets and metadata) to other destinations such as YouTube, Facebook, and other File, Feed or API based systems.

Seamless integration with any 3rd party media analysis system, with a smart metadata transformation and indexing layers to provided centrally managed media enrichment workflows at ease and scale. Create video transcriptions, subtitles and captions across many languages, create automatic workflows and notification triggers based on deep video analysis. Generate automatic speech to text, or professional human captions, or translate your videos into many languages to reach global audiences. Apply semantic analysis to extract metadata and topics for search facets, content categorization, and improved Video SEO and add speaker identification and automatic chaptering for improved user experience. Even includes a DIY Captions Editor and automatic transcript alignment to allow your users to help create captions and ensure accessibility compliance.

Video & Image Transformation API

Improve your applications performance with Tundra's high-performance video and image transformation API. Our real-time image and video-frames manipulation REST API allows you to dynamically manipulate images and capture video-frames on the fly while controlling; format and codec encoding, image re-sizing, smart image cropping, compression quality controls, generation of image-sprites for optimal delivery as animated CSS sprites, applying image overlays and more. Manage saved image-transformations as static assets that can be used when distributing content packages to other systems via feeds or API, to improve your website SEO.