Tundra Products on Digital Media

Tundra has everything that requires in Digital Platform

Who the heck needs a bookcase piled with DVDs or Blu-rays when you can watch films online at the push of a button? As long as your broadband's up to snuff, you can stream all the movies you want and never worry about lost discs or late fees again.

Our Products on Digital Media


Manage and publish your media through one intuitive interface with ExpressPlay DRM security.

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TundraWatch involves in the distribution of movies over the network via Distributors and Retailers. Users can rental your movies via Retailers.

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TundraScrappy provides you with a unique combination of proprietary technology, data intelligence and expertise to detect and defend against online piracy occurring around the world.

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An online database of information related to films, production crew and personnel biographies, plot summaries, trivia, and fan reviews and ratings.

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Manage and publish user generated content via the channels with or without DRM.

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The Tundra TV Platform blends the features, agility, openness, business models, device reach and personalization of OTT, with the scalability and reliability of pay-TV.

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Get to market faster adding native media asset management and experience capabilities that scale effortlessly. Use Tundra’s fully white-labeled platform and developer tools to power all things video, audio and image, including; secure hosting and streaming, html5 video player, asset management, video editing, video search, interactive video experiences, media transcoding, image transformations, deep media analytics and more. With Tundra VPaaS, you get full control over provisioning, branding, and workflows. Stay focused on your core business by relying on the same video infrastructure that powers mission-critical applications for leading multi-national enterprises and media companies. Your developers and customers will love you for it!

Build Video Apps that Scale

  • Manage video, audio and image assets at scale
  • Cloud video transcoding and image manipulation
  • Optimized storage and media repurposing workflows
  • The most advanced video analytics
  • The fastest online video player for web and native
  • Multi-account management, billing and provisioning
  • Fully OEM, white-labeling ready platform
  • Never-break backward compatibility
  • High availability, enterprise and government certified

Capture audiences and deliver customized media experiences

Media companies today are able to deliver personalized content and targeted advertising. To capture audiences, advanced methods of data collection are required. The distinguishing factor in content is the level of intelligence gleaned from first-party data and how the data is governed at the platform level.

Media delivery is constantly evolving

Media consumers expect instant access to media on a variety of digital devices. By leveraging multi-channel delivery and multiple devices, the number of device connections that must be managed is rising in the media and entertainment industry as well as the data they collect from these devices.

Billions of pieces of content require protection

The media and entertainment industry must protect content end-to-end and manage for sharing with customers and partners including digital data for first run movies, consumption data from a mobile device or production data from a connected digital movie camera.