B2L Enterprise Business Solutions

end-to-end consulting, software implementation, and project management service dedicated to helping mid-range to large companies deploy the best solutions to optimize their business processes

Why Choose B2L EBS?

Whether you're an existing B2L customer, a company switching from a different platform, or even an organization implementing a CRM solution for the first time, B2L EBS can help you set up the most efficient system in a seamless and structured manner.

Customized solution

Translate the complex processes that make up your enterprise business into an effective customized software solution.

End-to-end service

Allow us to take care of everything from requirement gathering, creating a project plan, to implementation, issue tracking, and resolution—by getting involved with your business at all touch-points.

Process alignment

Align our products with your processes in a precise and efficient manner through consulting-led implementation

Integrated system

Get equipped with resources and services that help you build the core of your operations and adapt it to future systemic changes.

Requirement analysis

Meet every single one of your unique technical, security, training, and support requirements.

The Benefits of B2L EBS

Understanding of your needs

One of the first steps of an EBS project is gathering information from different departments and stakeholders within your company to gain an in-depth understanding of the processes and metrics that drive your business.

Taking this a step further, we delve into analyzing how well your existing methods work by listing out pain points, identifying challenges, determining possible future complications, and how you might avoid them through effective software implementation.

The insights gained from this detailed study will help you make informed decisions for your organization based on facts.

Save Time

Whether you're a large real estate firm, a pharma company, a retail chain, or any other enterprise, all you need to do is share your requirements with us, and we'll work out the rest.

B2L EBS is a turnkey solution—a team of product experts, solution architects, and developers from B2L will take care of the entire process swiftly—from understanding your business needs and building a prototype, to implementing the best solution for your organization.

With this taken care of, your company is free to focus its time and effort towards its core competencies and on growing business.

Streamline and Integrate Business Processes

When different products and solutions are implemented for the different teams within your organization, like sales, marketing, or support, it may hinder the effectiveness of inter-departmental workflow.

Here at B2L, we believe in seamlessly integrating these units rather than having them function using disparate systems. Our solution architects will attempt to streamline and unify your workflows by analyzing your existing infrastructure or by suggesting appropriate alternative solutions.

You can also count on us to work closely with your business to help ease the transition to the new system through effective change management.

Build Expertise

With EBS, we're not just helping you deploy the best business solution for your company, we also teach you everything you need to know in order to get the most out of your new implementation.

Our skilled product specialists and trainers put together a detailed training program for your company that comes with customized training courses for developers, sales persons, sales managers, administrators, and other significant roles within your organization. You can get better acquainted with the new infrastructure, learn best practices, and get equipped with skills and techniques that give you an edge over other enterprises.

This way, your organization will gain enough expertise to be able to troubleshoot and configure any future changes to the system without depending on external help.

Digital Transformation

With technological developments and consumer evolution, existing business models and processes tend to rapidly become obsolete. No matter how well existing digital systems function, there's always room to automate processes, reduce human effort, and improve the overall efficiency of a system.

EBS helps enterprises keep up with the changing business landscape by equipping them with the solutions they need to undergo a thorough digital transformation.

By implementing the most effective solutions to maximize your operational efficiency and by suggesting best practices to improve the overall experience of your employees, customers, consultants, partners, suppliers, and stakeholders, EBS helps your organization evolve with the times.

How it works

The EBS team follows a holistic approach for creating an optimized software solution for your business.

First, a detailed study is conducted to understand your company's existing IT landscape. Our experts will organize a workshop at your company's location to involve all stakeholders, administrators, and department heads within your organization to participate in this study. The processes followed by different departments and their key pain points are noted down and recorded.
The collected information is then analyzed thoroughly from a neutral standpoint to understand current and potential challenges. Further analysis with help from industry domain experts can throw light on gaps and redundancies in the existing process that can be fixed.
With the insights gathered from the analysis and from the list of requirements co-created during the workshop, an implementation plan is drafted. The appropriate products or suites that have the required functionalities to exercise these strategies are then identified from B2L's collection. The study, insights, and implementation strategies are then compiled and presented as a Business requirement document (BRD).
Our product specialists and developers use the information from the business requirement document to work on the necessary product customizations, integrations, and automation to prototype an effective solution for your business processes. After testing and further revisions, the software solution—now at its maximum operational efficiency—is implemented through the EBS execution framework.
Shifting data from your existing system to your new implementation is done in carefully planned and monitored phases by a dedicated team of experts, making sure there's a smooth transition with absolutely no errors or data loss.
As the new implementation is rolled out, our product specialists will teach your in-house trainers everything they need to know about the new system so that they'll be better equipped to handle training requirements for your company. We also offer customized training courses for your employees to learn the best practices from the experts.

Your dedicated technical account manager will assist you with every new requirement, change, or configuration post-implementation. Your TAM presents you with early access to upcoming features, periodic usage reports, and suggestions to fine-tune your processes for scaling up faster.

With our regular testing to monitor the health of your system, issue tracking, and 24/7 prioritized technical support, you can rest assured that all your future requirements will be handled with the utmost expertise.

Do you have questions?

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